Our webinar has a panel of real-world experts from Law Enforcement and Cyber Litigation to Cyber Prevention and Data Recovery.

Combatting Ransomware Webinar - 17th February 2021

What do Travelex, Newcastle University, Garmin, Cleveland & Redcar Council and Manchester United all have in common?

During 2020 they all hit the headlines for falling victim to Ransomware. The latest forms of advanced Ransomware have driven a 131% increase in Cyber Insurance claims over the last year. Cyber attacks of this type appear to show no signs of slowing down.

Our webinar on Combatting Ransomware has a panel of real-world experts from law enforcement and Cyber litigation to Cyber prevention and data recovery, the full spectrum of what is experienced in a Ransomware attack.


13:00-13:05: Laurence O’Brien ST-FOUR: Welcome & Introduction

13:05-13:15: Simon Newman, Police Digital Security Centre: Cyber Crime and the Ransomware threat.
Simon will explain the scale of this threat and where organisations are most likely to be at greatest risk. Much of this information comes from published sources, which Simon will reference, but some of Simon’s sources are not so readily available. Ideal if you need to support a business case.

13:15-13:25: Stewart Room/Jamie Taylor, DWF: Legal considerations in the face of a Ransomware attack.
Stewart will give an example of what can happen when a Ransomware response goes wrong. Highlighting some of the legal issues/minefields that exist in relation to paying a ransom demand. Talking to some of the legal & regulatory requirements in relation to cyber security.

13:25-13:35: David Frost ST-FOUR: Preventing a successful Ransomware attack.
David will look at some of the best cyber practices that organisations can adopt, and the underlying technology needed to implement them. As we all know, prevention is better than cure, and making your infrastructure less vulnerable than your virtual neighbour on the Internet can only be a good thing.

13:35-13:45: Mark Saville, Data2Vault: Recovery from Ransomware within your DR plan.
Hackers want to stop access to your data, disrupting backup and recovery makes it more likely you will pay the ransom. Preparing for When you get a ransomware breach, Not if you get one is critical if you want to successfully recover. Mark will cover the evolution of ransomware and how IT DR plans and recovery services are having to evolve to combat this threat.

13:45-13:55: Q&A 

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