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Hardware & Software Sales

ST-FOUR specialise in the Design, Build and Sales of hardware infrastructure from complex, large scale Metro Clusters to RAM upgrades.

We can help you choose from mainstream hardware manufacturers as well as more cost effective and often technically superior products from emerging manufacturers, providing you with the best value and support options available.

Server hardware
Storage Arrays
NAS devices

PC’s, Laptops
Apple Mac
PC Peripherals

Network Switches & Routers
Wifi Hardware
Management & Monitoring Software

Hard Drives & Solid State Drives
USB pens and More

Enterprise Software from all Major vendors
Software Renewals & Renewal Notifications
Expert Advice on Vendor Software Audits

We can Manage all your Hardware Warranty and Support Contracts notifying you well in advance when a renewal is due.

ST-FOUR are software specialists, and we can help with a simple software purchase through to helping you solve complex licensing issues.

We can manage all your software renewals notifying you in plenty of time to check your usage and get budgets in order.

ST-FOUR can also help you with your licensing questions around best practices and ensuring that you are compliant at your next software Audit!

Our Sales team have all been specially trained to be able to help you with:

  • New License Purchases.
  • Hardware Warranties
  • Competitive Upgrade Purchases.
  • Advising on the best Licensing Schemes for your Organisation.
  • Helping you get the best outcome from adverse Software Licensing Audits