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IT Consultancy

ST-FOUR Consulting has a wide range of skills and services that we can offer you to help supplement your IT team’s capabilities and meet your business objectives.

We can help with your IT needs from basic system work to large-scale transformation projects for Cloud, Hybrid & On-Prem environments.

Our IT skills include common technologies such as Microsoft and Linux Technologies, Storage & Networking Infrastructure and Large scale Desktop Management. However, we also excel at managing and migrating specialist technologies such as Novell, NetIQ, Platespin, Oracle and Unix, and a large number of 3rd party proprietary and Open Source products.

There are numerous areas ST-FOUR Consulting can help you with:

ST-FOUR can work with your company in many different ways, from a one-off engagement working in partnership with your IT team to a complete offloading of IT project work.

We have all the expertise you will need in Systems Design, Project Management and Engineering. In addition, we have all the right partnerships in place to provide all your IT needs, including Hardware, Software and Telecoms.

All our IT projects come with our excelled post-install support managed by our dedicated Helpdesk Team, so you don’t have to worry about being left with a snag list to manage!

We always strive to work to our customer’s needs, so whether you need a skills injection in the short term or a complete managed service or anywhere in-between, we are here to help.

ST-FOUR are the premier UK partner for Micro Focus who now own the Novell & NetIQ technology brands.

We can help you manage your existing Novell and NetIQ installations whether your running older NetWare systems or the latest Open Enterprise Server or any other Novell/NetIQ products such as GroupWise, ZENworks Suite, Access Manager, Identity Manager (IDM) or Vibe, as well as dedicated 3rd party products such as GWAVA, ENGL and SEP Sesam.

We can help you get the best value from your current software investment and help you upgrade your systems, keep them supported and train your IT staff to get the most from your products.

For Customers looking to migrate away to other products, ST-FOUR are not only specialists at maintaining Novell technologies; we also have the highly sought after specialist migration skills you will need to perform a migration.

Finally, we can also Implement and Project Manage the Microsoft, Open Source and 3rd party products you are migrating to and give you a single organisation to deal with significantly simplifying your migration project.

Replacing your hardware every 5-8 years is a daunting prospect for most companies, especially when in-house IT departments can be very skilled at day to day IT maintenance, they usually don’t have the regular experience of Infrastructure migrations that ST-FOUR can provide.

We can help you with Hardware Replacements, Expansions, Topology Re-Design, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Integration of your Desktop, Networking, Storage, Hyper-Converged Systems, Backups, Security, Internet Comms and Hosted systems.

We can also Audit your IT Environment to produce bespoke reports on the state of your Hardware, Software, Licensing and Workflow Bottlenecks.

Nearly every organisation in the world uses Open Source technology. It’s everywhere, in our mobile phones, our switches & routers, our Storage Controllers, Desktop/Server BIOS and lots more. It’s solid, well developed, reliable, and many companies are looking to the Increased Control and Flexibility that moving away from Proprietary Software to Open Source software can give them, and the cost savings, of course.

We can help you with traditional migrations such as UNIX to Linux and more complex migrations such as from Oracle or MSSQL to Open Source Database technologies.

Many organisations are also keen to explore alternatives to Microsoft technologies. We can provide expertise to ensure a successful move from, for example, Microsoft Office to LibreOffice/OpenOffice, Active Directory to Samba, Windows Server to SUSE Linux Shares and Exchange/Office365 to Kopano email.