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Managed Service & Technical Support

If you are looking for help managing and supporting your IT systems you have come to the right place!

ST-FOUR offer technical support for all our partners products with flexible support contracts designed to meet your needs all backed up with SLA agreements to suit your business:

  • We can provide support from single product through to fully outsourced hosted contract for all your IT systems
  • Add new products and services to your support agreement at any time
  • Log support calls by email or phone and track support call progress via our ITIL compliant Helpdesk.
  • Our remote control software allows us to support your systems and users wherever they are located
    No requirement to install VPNs or 3rd party software on your devices.
  • Flexible IT support that supports your needs and responds to changes to your IT environment even mid-contract.
  • We will contact you near your contract renewal dates and if you have any REMAINING SUPPORT DAYS AND TOKENS we will convert them into project days so that you make the absolute most out of your support investment.

Build your own Support Contract

Health Check Days

Can be purchased for pro-active care of your IT systems helping identify issues before they occur and keep you on top of minor patches and bug fixes.

Remote Session Tokens

Can be purchased for remote break/fix engineering support & for small bodies of remote work e.g. making enhancements or administrative changes to a supported system.

Pre-Paid Support Days

Can be purchased and used as required for remote consultancy work.

Remote Monitoring

Can be purchased and ST-FOUR will implement our on-site remote monitoring tool that will report system issues to pro-actively resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Out of Hours Support

Can be tailored to your Out of Hours support requirements, we can adjust your support levels so you are only paying for what you need from an “insurance policy” to full out of hours service.

Support You need, when you need it, not just an insurance policy