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Certified & Bespoke Training Courses

Bespoke Training

If you're looking for bespoke IT training we can offer you a tailored training course either classroom based or online to help you get the most from your IT systems.

Specialist Training

We offer specialist training for many common Open Source products and for our Niche Vendor products which can either be based in the classroom or online.

Official Courses

We sell a large range of Major Vendor training courses with both online and classroom options often with major discounts compared to purchasing direct.

Training has changed: It used to be that everyone signed up for an official training course and had to travel to a training office often staying overnight to get trained on everything a product did (whether you used it or not!) with a choice of Luncheon Vouchers or slightly dry sandwiches for lunch.

Nowadays we want more from a training course and the content required and how & where to access that information can vary depending on our needs.

Classroom learning: We have access to classrooms across the UK, including our offices at Kidderminster, where you will receive a warm welcome! Classrooms are ideal for formal learning, and getting away from the workplace can improve understanding when on longer courses.

Online learning: There are two options for online learning, self-paced CBT classes, which are ideal when you don’t have much time available, or Instructor-led courses, which must be attended at a set time. Online courses are often recorded, which can be helpful to look back on for training reminders!

Official Vendor Courses: These have declined over the years in popularity; however, Major vendors still offer official training courses; more often, these are online courses. However, we can host official courses with certified trainers for you at one of our classrooms or at your premises.

Specialist Training: We can provide online or classroom-based courses and one to one training for your staff to get specialist training on many Open Source and niche vendor products either using official courses or tailored to your needs.

Bespoke Training: Sometimes “off the shelf” offerings are not enough, and you need training that meets your specific needs. We can provide official course content to specifically designed courses, including against the customers own setup and systems. They are designed to give you training on the exact areas you need.