Challenge #3 Managing Remote Applications

At ST-FOUR we have been remote working since 2015 so we know a bit about it! 

Remote working is often viewed from “How do I get my remote worked access to the systems and data they need?” (see my other posts for ideas here!) however, there is another issue and that is “How do I manage all these remote users and their devices now that I am no longer on the Office Network?”

 It’s all about the Applications!

Applications are the tools we need to do our job and making sure all the applications we need to be installed before we get rushed to remote working is sometimes difficult. 

An example that demonstrated this to us was when a Managed Service Client sent us information that could only be accessed by an application that was not on the secure remote laptop we had been sent. Getting access to the software, the license or support to install these things would have been easy in the office but how to do it remotely?

There are a few options available here with the most common being:

  • Remote Control Software
  • Client to Site VPNs
  • Royal Mail (Other delivery services are available)
While all these approaches work they all have their drawbacks so we at ST-FOUR thought it best to look for something better.
Modern Web-Based Device Management software 

For IT Users the Workspace will be the first thing an end-user will see and interact with, so it needs to be simple to use, clean and crisp in appearance.  It also needs to have that familiar look and feel with easy to find Application icons and instantly recognisable menu options, regardless of the device the end-user happens to be using at the time. 

For IT Admins the ability to push out changes, applications, patches and generally remote control and manage from a centralised management tool is critical.

 Liquit Workspace is a modern web-based device management system that provides end-users with a clean and simple view of all their applications.  Application icons are displayed via a customisable web portal that allows a user to create their unique look and feel, as well as removing the complexity around the delivery method of the application. 

Unlike most traditional Desktop Management software changes with Liquit can be pushed to devices wherever they are regardless of the device being used due to the modern web-based delivery system Liquit uses, want to know more? See the demo:

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