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#COVID19 Drives Phishing Emails Increase

As the workforce heads away from the security of the office a few things have started to happen. The concentration has been on the roll-out of remote capabilities and the need to get people working as referred to in our earlier blog Remote access software and Application access.

However, the concerns we looked at in Risk and Governance have started to arrive. Info Security magazine has identified that the increase in phishing attacks in the last month is hitting over 600%.

Phil Muncaster further explores in his article on the InfoSecurity Magazine site

But how do you deal with this issue and the impact that this is going to bring;

How do you combat this? Our friends at Data2Vault suggest the following;

1. Re-iterate any cybersecurity training and keep it in peoples minds

Mention it in all virtual team meetings.

Include it on all internal communications.

2. Secure the links to your network
As discussed in the previous article,

Make sure that all links to your network are secured – centrally controlled.

3. Limit who uses the home-based company laptop
You cannot afford the risk.

4. Network scanning
Network scanning must continue and be monitored. It will identify infected files; these files that need to be isolated and deleted.

5. Backup scanning

Make sure the product you are using for the critical file backup is scanning the files for malicious code as well.

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For more on the article join Mark Saville on the related Blog at Data2Vault

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