Duo MF Security

Duo Security Plugin for Micro Focus (NetIQ) Access Manager

ST-FOUR are very happy to announce the release of an Integration Plugin to allow Micro Focus (NetIQ), Access Manager, to Work with Duo Security Multi-Factor Authentication.

ST-FOUR worked in collaboration with Warwickshire College to allow flexible Multi-Factor Conditional Access for their 16500 Staff and Students. This plugin enables an Access Manager system to:

  • Authenticate against Duo Security users using any chosen LDAP attribute, e.g. cn, email, etc.
  • Create users in Duo Security if the user does not already exist
  • Use Duo Security as part of any Step up Authentication Method within an Access Manager contract
  • Implement Duo Security integration without the need for external 3rd party Gateways or Agents
  • Use Duo Security with all internal & external HTTP web based and Federated systems and services


The ST-FOUR Duo Security Plugin for Micro Focus (NetIQ) Access Manager can be easily integrated into any existing Access Manager implementation.

If you would like more information of a quote for implementing the Plugin please contact us using the form below.

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