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ST-FOUR Asigra Attack Loop Ransomware protection

Have you had a Cyber breach?

Are you concerned you may have embedded malware on your network or in 365 files?

Does your IT DR plan include Ransomware Recovery, relying only on air-gapped, offsite backup or replication?

Do you have zero-day exploit scanning on Windows and 365 files running daily?


ST-FOUR offer a managed service enabling file-level recovery from a Ransomware attack. The service is provided by Asigra Hybrid partner Data2Vault’s resilient vaulting infrastructure. Data2Vault is a vendor in the Digital Catapult, Cyber 101 growth accelerator sitting on the advisory board of the Police Digital Security Centre.

  1. Integrated with Asigra Cloud Backup

  2. Scans Microsoft Office 365 files during backup and recovery processes

  3. Scans Windows network files during backup and recovery processes

  4. Scans for zero-day exploits

  5. Automated quarantine of files containing malware

  6. Prevents Attack Loops of re-infection when delayed ransomware detonates

  7. Detects hidden malware embedded in files that infects offsite backups

  8. Creates variable naming convention for all backup files

  9. Supports Multi-Factor Authentication administration, prevents unauthorised mass data deletion

  10. Supports soft deletion of backup files, prevents unauthorised mass data deletion


  1. Identifies existing infected files in the first use.
  2. Reliable method for recovering essential data following a Ransomware attack
  3. Valuable contribution to any IT Disaster Recovery Plan

  4. Supports compliance with GDPR for protection and recovery of data

  5. Supports compliance with GDPR for the right to be forgotten

  6. Simple, intuitive management interface

  7. Optimises recovery times through real-time recovery scanning

  8. Simple subscription model

  9. Quarterly or annual fees, you chose

For more information and pricing for any of our services either for yourself or for your customers you can contact us below