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Why you NEED Systems Monitoring

You know you should do it, you know you don't have time to do it, you also know the impact of not doing it could be extremely expensive.

We have all heard the facts, Systems Downtime costs more in lost revenue and unproductive costs than implementing proactive systems monitoring.  But even in this day and age when it’s so easy to accomplish this few organisations implement effective systems monitoring.

If you look at your own Organisation you can see the reason for this seemingly callous disregard for the Risk of Systems Failure and the impact on your Organisation (or steadfast belief in the perpetual health of your IT, depending on your point of view) it’s really three things:

1) Everyone knows systems need to be monitored, but it takes lots of time

2) The pressure of Helpdesk & Ongoing Projects gets prioritised, so monitoring does not happen

3) You know you can implement automated monitoring to help overcome the lack of time; however, this can’t happen due to 1) and 2) above.

It’s a typical Catch 22 which we all know ultimately leads to a major outage at some point in the future, where questions will be asked on why more wasn’t done at which point you will start looking at implementing an Automated Monitoring System.

But what about the Economic implications?

A typical SME business would need 1 full time experienced member of staff to properly monitor all their systems

With experienced IT professionals as of September 2020 costing between £35K to £60K depending on geographic location, this is no small consideration.  However, the economic impact of severe downtime could put some companies out of business and would certainly impact negatively in the press for all organisations.

Here at ST-FOUR, we like to take away as much stress and uncertainty from our clients as we can so we have created an easy to use cloud-based monitoring system.  This allows you to receive alerts and have a single screen view of the state of all your IP based systems.  This can be your classic IT Infrastructure but also both Cloud Services and Business Systems (basically anything with an IP address).

We estimate that for most organisations working in partnership with ST-FOUR to provide a managed monitoring service would cost less than a 3rd of implementing the monitoring in-house.

We can help you monitor pretty much anything you need from the classic to the obscure; Disk Space Usage, Hardware Predictive Failure, Toner Levels, Systems and Services Up/Down whether on Hardware, Virtualised or Cloud-based.  Our skilled IT professionals will help you determine and implement your IT Predictive Monitoring Strategy.

Contact us today to enquire about our Cost-Effective, Predictive Systems Monitoring Managed Service.

For more information and pricing for any of our services either for yourself or for your customers you can contact us below