Remote Working Solved
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GoToConnect now with Free Headsets

Remote Working Solved

For the Whole of December 2020

So we have all changed the way we work from social distancing impacting everything to social gatherings stopping with the pressure on education and healthcare services.  What a difference a day makes – we stopped face-to-face meetings and had to move to online collaboration, with all its delights. 

No substitute for “water cooler” conversations with colleagues and mates, the struggle to stay connected had begun. However, on the whole, people settled into their new normal and got to grips with online collaboration, they began to see the benefits: DIY, spending time with family and friends, and no travel time. 

GoToConnect and OnePoll surveyed over 2,200 global workers to examine how they feel about the role of remote work:

72 per cent feel that remote work gives them more time in their day.
2/3 agree that remote work helps them save money on commuter costs and lunch
(although deliverable meals have seen an uplift).
56 per cent felt they were spending more quality time with their families and some friends.

Now to this rallying cry of the need for decent collaboration and communication GoToConnect comes packed with over 100 features across cloud VoIP and web, audio and video conferencing enabling employees to work from anywhere.

Free Headset Offer:

We had a chat with the team at GoToConnect to help our Customers enable remote working for their employees. To support this, ST-FOUR and GoToConnect are offering our customers (including new ones) a free Plantronics Voyager 6200 headset with every GoToConnect licence purchased.

To claim this offer* (Terms & conditions apply) contact us with the button below.

For more information and pricing for any of our services either for yourself or for your customers you can contact us below