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Welcome to UCISA!

ST-FOUR are proud to have joined UCISA.

As an active member of the Academic community, we have been attending UCISA conferences for several years but always on someone else’s stand.

Well, no longer! ST-FOUR are now fully paid up card carrying UCISA members and I must say I am stunned about how much more there is to UCISA than their annual conference.

UCISA is really making an effort to engage with their corporate members giving us help and advice on how Universities want to engage with partners.  While also being genuinely interested in the barriers that prevent corporate members from doing business within the Academic workspace.

I’ve always enjoyed the conferences and events, and we look forward to having our own stand on display when this is again possible.  In the meanwhile, we will engage with UCISA and their members as enthusiastic Academic partners, advisors, innovators and supporters.

So if you are a UCISA member and want to talk to ST-FOUR about our expertise as Infrastructure Specialists, then our doors will always be open.

For more information and pricing for any of our services either for yourself or for your customers you can contact us below